Working with Nature Spirits

Abstract Nature Spirit Energy

Working with Nature Spirits to Re-enchant Our Earth is one of Kevin’s projects to explore how we can connect and work together with the world of nature spirits using Shamanic and other practices. He has been consciously working with Nature Spirit energies since the mid 1990’s when he served as National Campaign Director of the Wilderness Society for 3 years.

Working one-on-one or with a group, Kevin will help you explore the subtle realms of Nature Spirits who are ready and willing to work alongside humankind during this important moment in our evolutionary journey.

*Connecting with Nature Spirits using Shamanic & other practices
*Beyond Deep Ecology- developing a framework to reenchant our Earth
*Working with Elemental Beings & Earth Energies to Heal our Planet
*Creating Sacred Spaces in your Home and Garden
*Gardening with Nature Spirits
*Useful tools & practices for working with Nature Spirits
*Understand the role of the Devas
*Link to the Healing Power of Plants & Trees