Healer Support

Soul Geometry

If you are an alternative healing practitioner who feels in need of some mentoring or personal healing from a fellow professional deeply imbued in esoteric practice, then you might consider having a chat with Kevin.

Kevin has been a peace and environmental activist for over 45 years since he was aged 15. For the last 30 years he has actively worked with alternative energy practices as detailed throughout this site.

Grounded, knowledgeable with sound listening skills and solid long-term relationships with his guides, Kevin has experienced success in business and the NGO sector at the highest level and has raised a large family with his wife, Maddi’; this means that he is comfortable joining the dots between inter-dimensional experiences and day to day living needs.

Sessions are conducted in a relaxed focused manner and outcome orientated. A range of shamanic, reiki or divination techniques in addition to old fashioned listening and common sense, informed by the esoteric, may or may not be employed!

Contact Kevin if you would like to discuss your situation to see if he might be of service.

Please note that Kevin is not a professional counsellor so if you are experiencing medical or mental health challenges please consider consulting an accredited practitioner prior to complimentary approaches.