Ghosts and Entities

Ghostly Image

Kevin Parker has been compassionately assisting to clear ‘stuck energies ‘and earth-bound souls for over a decade. He harnesses a range of shamanic, house whispering, dowsing and energetic reiki and ritual work skills to remedy the situation to the satisfaction on all concerned. Love. Focus. Compassion. Remedy. Harmonistation. He has learned his trade through the school of hard knocks, and is still learning. His approach is client inclusive and and transparent. There is not always a solution, but ,the vast majority of situations can be improved, if not totally remedied with compassionate intervention and practice.

Do you ever feel that your house or workplace just does not feel right, as if something is out of balance? Some areas may feel strange, cold, sticky and thick like treacle, or even give you a sick feeling. Existing relationships might be rocky for no apparent reason and there may be a strong sense that we are not in control of our own lives, that some external energy is influencing our actions. There may be unusual phenomena such as things moving, electrical outages, plumbing playing-up or other unexplained mechanical mishaps. 

Re-aligning the energies in your home or person and clearing energetic debris may involve dealing with spirit, ghost and other paranormal activity.

Paranormal activity may emanate from numerous sources ranging from unresolved ancestor energies, an entity attachment that we may have picked up, past mistreatment of indigenous people in the area, discontented Nature Spirit energies, geopathic stress, even inter-dimensional off-planetary or in-planetary entity mischief plus a range of other issues.  Often, after exploring the situation, quite rational reasons are found to be the cause of phenomena – in other cases we have to be open-minded and remember that we live in a multi-dimensional universe.

Understanding, connecting and releasing stuck energies in your Being or home can often be resolved using House Whispering and Shamanic techniques . The process that is employed enables us to help realign energies and compassionately deal with stuck spirits.

Once any negative energy is identified and ‘cleared’, this allows you to be free from issues which may not be yours, empowering you to live your own life.