Dowsing is a learnt life skill that can assist us in making decisions and life choices guided by our Higher-Self. Kevin is available to help you address issues in your life through dowsing tgechnologies.

Dowsing, or divining, is an ancient art that is known to have been used as far back as Ancient Egypt, and possibly further. Dowsing has a rich history in many cultures, and today it is commonly known through its agricultural uses, such as water divining, although it is also used in archaeology, by mining companies to detect oil and minerals, and by electricians to dowse for underground wires. It is also used by many health practitioners and by geomancers, to detect geopathic stress.

While some dowsers use their body as a radiaesthetic tool, others use pendulums (a small weight on a string) or dowsing rods (often L-shaped, metal rods). These are held between the fingers and allowed to swing in response to a question asked. The rod or pendulum is thought to move because of a reflex twitch in the hand – something internal makes rod move and the item held amplifies this response so it is more easily detected. The human being is a very sensitive measuring instrument, and dowsing taps into and utilises this.

Whatever the tool used, dowsing takes what is unknown and brings it into perspective. Through dowsing it is possible to tap into individual unconscious and/or the collective unconscious, or to tap into intuition as a way of responding to that which we cannot see.

Areas covered

  • Introduction to a range of dowsing tools and the situations to which dowsing can be applied.
  • Understanding the basic nature of dowsing and appreciate its history and uses
  • Along with clearing and protection techniques, you will learn about the chakra system
  • The Ethics of Dowsing
  • Obtaining accurate readings
  • How to ask questions correctly
  • Using Dowsing Wheels for health
  • Intuitive Dowsing
  • Using a pendulum
  • Using Dowsing Rods (with a demonstration of other dowsing instruments)
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Chakras, Subtle Bodies and their corresponding energies
  • Meridians and Bush Essences
  • Use dowsing tools for simple tasks
  • Understand the basic techiques of how to dowse for water; other underground concealed objects such as pipes, drains etc; archaeology; earth energies and food sensitivities


Kevin Parker is available to give dowsing tuition one-on-one or to a group. His hourly rate for personal training is $75 an hour plus travel. Group rates start at $75 per person with a minimum gathering of six people for a full day. Courses and individual tuition can be tailored to suit level of experience.

if you are in need of Dowsing Services or Tuition please contact Kevin.