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Space Clearing is a bit of a misnomer in some respects as what we are seeking to do is to realign the energetic imprint of a premises to bring the frequency of the occupants and the building into harmony. Dis-harmony may the result of many factors such as emotional or pyhsical trauma, things that go bump in the night, geopathic stress, ancestral influences, one or more of the occupants (past or present) holding onto to unhelpful patterns that need to be reprogrammed, directed ill-intent from neighbours, those who bear us a grudge, or even extended family! Sometimes, we are just stuck in a rut and need a metaphysical and often actually declutter before we can reconcile a situation.

A Space Clearing is recommended

  • after a traumatic emotional event (death, divorce, conflict)
  • if you feel the presence of ghosts or spirits
  • when you feel like you are stuck in a rut
  • when you move into a new home or business and wish to start afresh
  • if you are wishing to sell your house and there has been little interest not based on price expectations
  • after major illness
  • after a robbery
  • after an accident in the home
  • if your home does not feel like home

How does Kevin go about space clearing?


The initial process involves listening to my client's perspective into what is going on. Together, we will develop an affirmative action plan regarding the desired outcome before going to work. It is important that clients get involved in the healing process, they often have a lot of fun picking-up some new skills as a part of the process. I introduce them to some methods where we can measure the outcomes along the way to ensure that they are satisfied with the outcome. I also share techniques to maintain the new status quo once the situation is resolved to the client's satisfaction.


Kevin has been space clearing for over 10 years. In that time he has reharmonised homes and businesses including many of which were haunted or subjected to inappropriate energies emanating from malicious human or other worldy generated sources.



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