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My call-up fee is $90 for an initial consultation & a minimum of AU $120 per hour or part thereof after the first hour. Travel is charged at $45 per hour.

If the situation that you have engaged me for has not improved after 21 days, we will revisit the scenario and reassess, and, if all is not to your satisaction, I will provide a refund after consultation as to the issues involved (not including the initial consultation fee). On occasions a situation is multi-layered and having solved one issue another kevin_parker_space_healingmay present.

It is very important that clients are involved in the process. Whereas I can access inter-dimensional information I am only acting as a facilitator. If clients are not acting entirely from their heart-space issues may reoccur. We can discuss the process as part of our initial consultation.

I operate physically in the Southern Highlands of NSW, the Illawarra, Canberra and Sydney, Australia . Travel to more distant locations by is available by discusion. Remote healing is possible in many cases. If you need me to fly me somewhere thats OK If it seems mutually appropriate, your call & investment.

Energy Clearing and Geopathetic Stress Relief Work - $85 - $120 per hour. Intial consultation $90 non-refundable. Ongoing consultation $120 an hour. Major projects attract a minimum fee of $680 per per 6 hour day subject to agreement & require a 30% deposit + travel. Cases, which involve heavy entity activity or darker energies by negotiation.

Travel time is charged at $45 per hour. Cost of materials required to help solve challenges may incur an extra charge.

Individual Dowsing Tuition - $85 per hour plus travel if outside of the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia. Groups by discussion.

Dowsing Workshops - Start from $150 per head plus contribution to room hire if required. Minimum of six people in Australia.

Individual Tuition - Crystal education; Shamanic Practice; Energy Healing. & $85 an hour. Group rates by discussion

Nature Spirit Location & Connection. Includes Spirit walks in the bush. $85 per hour in Australia+ travel, accomadation. Walks a minimum of 3 hours.

Nature Spirit Workshops - $150 per person for full-day gathering. Minimum of 6 people

Remote Healing - A fee of $90 is payable via PayPal for initial focus on the issue (upon invoice). $120 therafter.

There are some situations which will not attract a charge at all if the calling is of a Higher Order.

Usually I can help, but not always. In some cases a request may be made for the fees to be directed to a charitable organisation of your choice.



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