I am available to give dowsing tuition one-on-one or to a group. My hourly rate for personal training is $65 an hour plus travel. Group rates start at $75 per person with a minimum gathering of six people. Courses and individual tuition can be tailored to suit level of experience.

Areas covered

Introduction to a range of dowsing tools and the situations to which dowsing can be applied.

Understanding the basic nature of dowsing and appreciate its history and uses

Along with clearing and protection techniques, you will learn about the chakra system

The Ethics of Dowsing

Obtaining accurate readings

How to ask questions correctly

Using Dowsing Wheels for health

Intuitive Dowsing

Using a pendulum

Using Dowsing Rods (with a demonstration of other dowsing instruments)

Sacred Geometry

Chakras, Subtle Bodies and their corresponding energies

Meridians and Bush Essences

Use dowsing tools for simple tasks

Understand the basic techiques of how to dowse for water; other underground concealed objects such as pipes, drains etc; archaeology; earth energies and food sensitivities