Hello, my name is Kevin Parker. I have what can best be described as an eclectic skill-base. I live on a couple of wild cottage garden acres in the Southern Highlands of NSW in Australia with my wife Maddi' and our four children.

In August 2016 I am embarking on a new venture with the opening of Nature Spirit - Berrima. I will be offering crystals, salt lamps, singing bowls , dowsing equipment and other items for those on a spiritual journey.

I spent 20 years as a professional peace and environmental activist including stints as freelance campaign consultant, National Campaign Director of the Wilderness Society, NSW State Coordinator for People for Nuclear Disarmament, a co-ordinator for the Technology & Environemntal Strategies Group (UOW) and as a Fellow of the University of Wollongong. In the interest of balancing the YIN & the YANG and engaging with the shadow side I also spent 4 years as a Share Trader.

I am the publisher of www.literaryfestivals.co.uk which provides dates and details of nearly 500 literary festivals between them. I am a Registered Photo Journalist with the Media Alliance. I also work in partnership with, Pharmacists and Australian Bush Flower Essence Practioners & Teachers, Maddi' Parker & Katrina Corney, on our Bush Flower Healing practice.

I am a Web & SEO Master having built and managed over 50 website. I have ongoing tenure as Marketing and Communications Director and in-house graphic designer of Moss Vale Community Pharmacy.

I am an energy dowser, Reiki Master and I am trained in biodynamics and conflict resolution. My specialities are Earth Healing, clearing spaces of negative energies and facilitating communication with nature spirits. I hold regular workshops on the latter issues and offer dowsing tuition.

Through my dowsing abilities, intuition and Reiki training, I detect and work towards healing areas affected by geophysical stress, environmental hazards (sick building syndrome), electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) and negative electrical fields (EFs). My focus is on working together with our parellel dimension of nature spirits, elemental beings and devas to effect positive change.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Double Major Politics & Sociology) and have further tertiary qualifications in Advanced Business Management.

Current Activities

  • Nature Spirit - Berrima offers crystals, salt lamps, singing bowls , dowsing equipment and other items for those on a spiritual journey. Opening August 2016.

  • Provide a house, land and premises energy clearing services utilsing dowsing and Reiki. I offer dowsing tuition for those who wish to learn or further develop their skills. I service the Southern Highlands, Illawarra, Sydney and Canberra. Contact me to book a chat about your needs. Distant healing is available in some cases. I am not curently offering water dowsing services.

  • Publish www.literaryfestivals.co.uk and www.literaryfestivals.com.au which provide dates and details of nearly 500 literary festivals between them

  • Provide web hosting, support for existing clients and domain sales via Sane Earth Web.

  • Promote social justice, environment and peace at www.diamondacre.com

  • Work on www.bushflowerhealing.com Australia

  • Marketing & communications for Moss Vale Community Pharmacy

  • Sell second-hand books via Sane Earth Books on Fishpond

  • Photographic art is on display at www.elementalbeings.com