Hello all, thanks for dropping by.

I can be found these days mostly at Nature Spirit in Berrima) (video below). Heavily involved in this project and fulfilling my role for Moss Vale Community Pharmacy plus running Literary Festivals UK. Existing web clients from my previous incarnation can still contact me for your legacy site related needs - my books are closed to new clients. Bits n 'Bobs about my various projects and professional service offerings are dotted throughout the site.

A full-schedule of workshops will be available in the coming months. Sign-up for the newsletter over at the site to keep in the loop. Blessings to all. Kev

Workshop topics to be covered may include, according to demand:

  • Psychic Protection 
  • Shamanic Practice 
  • The Power of Prayer 
  • Space Clearing 
  • Geopathic Stress Relief 
  • Vastu-Feng Shui (conducted by renowned expert Anthony Ashworth) 
  • Australian Bushflower Essences (conducted by Pharmacists Maddi' Parker & Katrina Corney) 
  • Soul Connection 
  • Learn to Dowse 
  • Advanced Dowsing 
  • Dowsing for Health 
  • Meditation 
  • Energy Healing 
  • Working with Crystals 
  • Working with Nature Spirits
  •  Shamanism Master Class Series: The Power Within 
  • Earth Healing Introduction
  • Earth Healing Master Class