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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Kevin Parker. I own a crystal shop in Berrima, NSW, called Nature Spirit which stocks a large range of crystals, stunning one-off crystal jewellry pieces, salt lamps, fairies, dragons, windchimes, dream catchers, small fountains- welll, you get the picture. I also offer a variety of services as detailed throughout the site.

Featured Service - SPACE CLEARING

Bad vibes in and around your house or office? Things that go bump in the night? Buying or selling a house and looking to clean the slate? We offer Esoteric Space Clearing (or more precisely Energy Realignment), that is tangible and effective. You will feel the difference and your home, office and your family or staff will thank you! Read more

SERVICES- Portals to Kevin Parker's roles and services below

Nature Spirit Berrima


Located at Part, 7 Old Hume Highway, Berrima, NSW, Nature Spirit is a serene retail space that offers a huge range of crystals, salt lamps, dream catchers, singing bowls, dragons, mermaids,fairies, unicorns and crystal jewelry. Read More

Space Clearing Services

We spend so-much of our time in our homes or workplaces. Negetive energetic patterns can make this a less than happy experience. Our professional Space Clearing Services can give you a fresh start, whether the negative vibes are a result of human interactions, historic causes or things that go bump in the night.We offer face to face consultations throughout the Southern Highlands of NSW, Illawarra and beyond by negotiation.Read more

Geopathic Stress & Earth Healing


Geopathic stress - or harmful earth rays have been shown by studies conducted in Austria & Germany to be linked migraine, headaches, insomnia, cot death, infertility, miscarriages, chronic fatigue, cancer, joint pain & short term memory loss. There are remedies. Read more

Workshops & One-on-One Tuition


Nature Spirit, offers a rolling series of mini, one-day and weekend workshops. We share knowledge on topics such as Working with Crystals, Space-Clearing, Dowsing, Vastu Feng-Shui, Shamanic Practice and the Power of Prayer. Read more.

Literary Festivals


Since 2007 Kevin Parker has published a website promoting Literary Festivals and authors throughout the UK and Ireland and, increasingly internationally. The service promotes over 350 annual events. Read more.

Moss Vale Communty Pharmacy


As Director of Marketing & Communications, Kevin built and maintains the company web-site, is responsible for community relations and social media streams. He produces the shop's TV, radio and print ad. He is the in-house graphic designer responsible for regular local promotions. Read more

Web-Based Services

Kev has provided web design, hosting and SEO specialist services for over 100 web-sites. Whilst no-longer taking on new clients, he services existing accounts including new site builds. Web-hosting and domain purchases are available via Sane Earth Web. Read more


Kevin has what can best be described as an eclectic skill-base derived from a life governed by curiousity. He currently owns a wee crystal shop,offers various consultancy services, teaches various esoteric skills and helps promote his wife's pharmacy and UK Literary Festivals. Read more